Under the Texan Sky

I just overall feel better. I know that Under the Tuscan Sun is all about wine, love and Italy, but Under the Texan Sun is different. It's all about being healthy, inside and out, reinventing myself, and just being happy.

Who cares about finding love? Who's rules are those? Not mine. What are my rules? I don't have any. Why dictate what you can and can not live by? What's the point in giving yourself regulations? Uninhibited. That's what I want to be. That's what I'm going to be.

There's no expectations right now, because if I have expectations then I can be let down. Just for this once, I'm not giving myself any guidelines. None what-so-ever. It feels nice.

It's nice to just hang out in the sunshine, reading. It's nice to sit on the patio, listen to the fountain and write. Nice. Not stressed out, just relaxed It's been a long, LONG time since I just relaxed.

Under the Texan sun.
it means promise
it means hope.
It means faith
and it means letting go.
It means finding myself.

...how am I already chilly and it's only 84* out?