Best Friends

It doesn't matter if you haven't talked in an hour, or a year, but a best friend is always your best friend. You signed up for the job (whether voluntarily or involuntarily). You're there for those phone calls at 2 am, 7 am, and 4 pm. You're there for the tears, the hugs, the laughter, joy and pain. You're there for...everything.

What hurts the most, though, in being a bff? Being 1400 miles away when your best friend needs you. When they need a hug, a plane ride, to just see you.

But then, there's Skype. Skype is there for face-to-face interactions. Like Long distance High-Fives (thanks to my brothers), and web-hugs. They're not the same by any means, but the shear rediculousness of it all makes it amusing.

Then you have those pleasant phone calls, ones where you're underneath the stars and wrapped snug in a blanket. Like you did that one night sitting on their balcony, looking at the moon and smelling of cigars. Where things aren't right in their world, but the only thing they know is right is talking to you. That's what you're there for. Those phone calls. The ones where if nothing else, they have you. They have someone to reassure them, make them laugh, whip them into shape, and just listen. They have a best friend, which many people don't have. You can spend hours after hours on the phone, talking about nothing and laughing about the stupidest things, and it's all okay...because no one quite gets you like that other person does.

Here's to Best friends.
May you always laugh,
rarely cry,
and drive each other crazy every chance you get.
With love.