and running, running*

I burned my back today. My day off, and I burned my back laying outside reading a book (which I finished in one day). Awesome. I guess it's a good deal that I sleep on my stomache so my back won't get irritated. In a couple of days I will look like the Copper Tone Girl. Awesome.

I took my Enbrel shot out of the freezer today to thaw it out so I can take it in a couple of days. I'm not sure...but I think it was frozen solid. I put it in the fridge hoping it will thaw, if not just warm up a bit. I'll take it in a couple days (I'm shooting for either Friday or Saturday).

I went for a run tonight to get my mind off of things. Money, school, and the thing that's been on my mind a lot today: missing my best friends. I don't know what I would do without them. This is a thank you to them, for supporting me since they've known me.

One, for eight years now. Thank you for being there when I couldn't walk and was going through the hardest time of my life. Thank you for letting me go, and letting me grow here in Texas. I hope you do the same in Chicago, and I am so excited for you to begin that. I think I'm more excited than you are...because a part of you believes it won't happen. I promise you--it will. We'll figure it out one way or another. Just because I'm in Texas does not mean I will let you falter. You're my best friend, you're my boy. You can count on me.

The other only knew me for a month, if that, before I left. She and I have become so close in such a short amount of time I'm very upset I did not meet her sooner, especially since she hung out with many many people that I knew from high school. Thank you for supporting me in the hard times that have fallen upon my path since you've known me. You always make me smile and it helps that we're so in tune with what the other wants/needs that we mise as well be lesbian lovers ;).

I can not wait until ya'll are down here for the little time you can be and have fun. It'll be a blast.

The run cleared up many things for me, though. It felt so good to be doing something that four months ago I wasn't able to. I will never ever take running for granted, and even if I go out for fifteen minutes, or an hour, I always come back with a smile on my face. No one understands how exhilerating it is to feel the wind on your face, to push yourself further, and to feel completely exhausted after a run. A lot of people would, and do, hate it--but to me it's corny, but it's a blessing.

Thank you, Dr. Sobotka, for letting me be able to run again. Thank you for letting me be able to travel down to Austin, Texas for the summer and not have knee issues. Last year when I visited Austin for just two weeks, my knee, which was doing really well, decided it couldn't take the heat and swelled up causing me pain every night when I had to entertain a ten year old girl and her best friend during a sleep over. I couldn't play, couldn't swim. I couldn't even walk the dogs.

Maybe all of you should go out for a run. Just because you can.
It's a joy many people don't have anymore :)


?Hablo espanol? !Si!

I started at Depot in Texas today...well, my first real day. There's already talk about the 'new cute cashier from Michigan...I wonder if she's single?'. That was nice. Yet, the one thing that stood out the most:

Mexicans have a lot of nerve. I could never imagine
a.) trying to pick someone up and saying their name wrong (it's KrisTEN, not Christian)
b.)when they're obviously not interested keep pushing the issue
c.)yell to get their attention from another department just so you can say 'hola' and wave.
d.) get their attention again before you leave just so he/she knows your presence is no longer there.

Kevin was right. They're crazy.
It's not like my name is a hard one! Not at all! No offense to anyone out there, but really, it's one of the easiest names to say, even if you have an accent! Not only that, but have some tact! I've dealt with people from Flint all of my life. Yes, they are creepy. Yes, they are manageable. This, though, this is a whole other level of creepy that I don't even know how to handle! I've never had anyone in my entire life try to come on to me as hard as many many mexicans tried today.

Then it made me think...and no offense to anyone that is of hispanic origin out there reading this...but I'm in Texas. How many of those Latino men in Home Depot are illegal immigrants? Just a thought. I'd like to know the numbers on that...however, there probably aren't any.

They are just incredulous. Unbelievable. Insane. Crazy. Loco!

What is amazing, though, is seeing the little white girl speak spanish right back to them. Pretty soon, if I hear one more comment in spanish about how my ass is nice, or how they'd like to 'contigo a su casa' I will 'a la chingada' in their faces. Who, ever, EVER thinks it is alright, even in another LANGUAGE to speak like that about a girl when she's right in front of you?? Let alone AT ALL.

Surprise. You speak spanish? I speak un poquito (a little bit). It impressed a couple of the customers today...but some of the men, I will wait until they come in again or say something so completely out of line that it deserves the little naive white girls come-back.

I grew up around Flint. I can take care of myself. I'm used to creepy. However...some of the people down here are just a whole other brand of creepy that I'm not used to. Thank God I can comprehend most of the language and not be lost and feel too uncomfortable when the customers just go on a rant in espanol.

The stares, though. I get it, I'm the fresh meat, I'm the new girl. I'm from the north, I have dark hair(I've seen mostly blondes down south). Please, though! Get over it! Be discreet! Hath no one learned the art of subtlety anymore?!

It's unfathomable.

It makes me want my support system back. Mitch, who would beat anyone up who even looked at me funny. Phil and Brian, the guys who always had my back when someone even slightly raised their voice. Woody, who would run all of hte creepers off. They took care of their girls at my other store. This one...I'm not so sure about. I mean, I felt that protection the very first day. The new store, they just shrug their shoulders and let it go.
I want my support structure back. I don't want to have to 'a la chingada' a customer. Don't get me wrong, I will. I don't want to, though.

But I won't let myself get into a situation that I can't stick up for myself. It's called manners. The customers at my new store need to learn some.