Time Out

I have been up since 3:30 this morning, with the exception of a two hour nap which some would say doesn't count-but I say it does.  I woke up even more groggy and out of it than I did after getting two hours of sleep and walking into my first day as an Intern at an accredited morning radio show with Clear Channel Studios. 

I need me time.  I'm never really alone anymore, and for the past two days I've been swimming in a sea of estrogen from 5 am to 11 am, which isn't bad- but there are 15 chicks that I'm interning with (all hired by a girl), and then I come home to the boyfriend.  Which is wonderful, we've just both....been in a funk lately.  Over said internship.  Boyfriend thinks something is going to happen and I'm going to change because of this internship.  I've already made myself the intern outcast because I don't want to offend/worry him.  This show has a history of a certain sleazy producer hitting on every single girl and trying to get in her pants.  Seeing as how this said sleazy producer and I hail from the same State, and he lived out by where I went to college (NOT Texas, Give it up for the 517!!) and we're only a couple years apart, Boyfriend has it in his head that this sleazy producer wants in mis pantelones.  This means we're arguing a whole lot more lately.  Which means I'm frustrated, and wanting alone time that I'm not getting because of my hectic schedule.

He should look at the intern who looks like a certain villanious girl from Twilight who is trying the whole, 'Producer is such a sleazeball but I'm totally flirting with him in the I'm-going-to-insult-you-every-which-way-I-can hoping you all don't notice how much I want in his pants' way. 

It's disgusting.

Anyways, this all leads to how I need my me time.  I'm always around someone, and never by myself.  Which makes me work 15 hour days (internship THEN work), and me-timeless.  It's exhausting to say the least.  Oh how I hate you Starbucks for not being open at 4:30 in the morning when I leave my house. 

If I don't get some alone time that doesn't consist of me typing in the dark at 11:42 at night in my bed with the dogs at my feet and Boyfriend sleeping next to me, I just might go a wee bit insane.  Lord knows I started teh downward spiral tonight.