Hypothetically speaking, of course...

This all happened because I was wondering how much a trip to Angel Falls would cost.
Yea....my boyfriend and I? We're fun...hypothetically speaking.

It costs just as much to fly to Venezuela as it does to go to Disney World for the two of us.

 Holy cow, why does it cost so much?

Well for starters, it's an international flight, babe.

Pfft, we'll take a bike.(meaning motorcycle).

Um, no thanks...I don't want to drive through Mexico (where I'll probably die), Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica (although ziplining through the jungle would be awesome!), Nicoragua, Panama, Columbia (where I'll also probably die) just to get into Venezuela, where we then have to drive through half of that country to get to the falls!

Well now you're just being negative.

What?! You just called ME negative?!

Yup. That just happened!

You know what? Let's do it. Totally. Gas has to be cheaper in Southern America. However if I die on this trip/ride, I'm blaming you.

How're you going to blame me for something if you're dead?

Well, first of all, I won't get past a border-town in Mexico so I'll be kidnapped, so I can blame you as that's happening...and then, once they realize that the US doesn't negotiate with terrorists and they can't get ransom for me, I'll be shot. I'll come back and haunt your ass. You, however, will get off scott free being as how you're partially Mexican, and they'll welcome you with open arms.

*claps*. You figured out my plan. well played, Kristy...well played.

I mean, this is all hypothetically speaking, though.

Oh...right...I'm so funny.


Here's To...

Here's to Best Friends.
Here's to the heartache
the hurt
the joy
the tears
the break-ups
the make-ups
the fights
the laughter
the pillow fights
and dance classes.

Here's to the obnoxiousness
the 'I love you's'
the 'I'll always be there's'
the 'I'm moving-across-the-country'.
the goofiness
the support
the parties
the meaningful moments.
Here's to the shocks,
the twists
and turns,
the missing of important dates,
the being there for the meaningless ones,
the secrets,
the successes,
the failures,
the sharing of everything.

Here's to the pictures,
the memories,
the growing up
and going your own way.
Here's to the 'I always have your back.'
and 'You always have mine.'
the late-night talks,
 summer night walks,
and never taking a decent picture.

 Here's to the mistakes,
the lessons,
the lies
and the truths.
To you being you,
and me being me.
Best Friends we'll forever be.

As Luck Has It*

Ever have one of those nights where your brain just won't shut down?  You try and try, but nothing comes of your attempts?  That's what is happening to me. Right now.  There isn't even anything really on my mind...I just can't stop thinking.  Thinking about my best friend and what she's going through, thinking about money,thinking about school...
Just thinking.

I also can't stop thinking about how lucky I am.  Not just for being where I am, but for everyone in my life right now.  For Stephen and Joann, the best friends I didn't think I'd have down here.  For Crystal and Stacy. For Aunt Nette, Erynn & Jake.  For the people back home who still matter, Katie, Mike, Jenn (can't forget Hudson & Roy!), my Mom, Dad, Jack & Jay.  Oh, Lyndsi, too. 

These people have helped make me who I am today, even if they've been in my life a short time.  None of them have negative energy, and none of them want to see me fall.  They're all here to pick me up when I need it, and they'll continue to be there. 

I'm unbelievably lucky, and I hope you all have people like these in your lives who lift you up, support you (whenever/however you need it), and entertain you all the time.