As Luck Has It*

Ever have one of those nights where your brain just won't shut down?  You try and try, but nothing comes of your attempts?  That's what is happening to me. Right now.  There isn't even anything really on my mind...I just can't stop thinking.  Thinking about my best friend and what she's going through, thinking about money,thinking about school...
Just thinking.

I also can't stop thinking about how lucky I am.  Not just for being where I am, but for everyone in my life right now.  For Stephen and Joann, the best friends I didn't think I'd have down here.  For Crystal and Stacy. For Aunt Nette, Erynn & Jake.  For the people back home who still matter, Katie, Mike, Jenn (can't forget Hudson & Roy!), my Mom, Dad, Jack & Jay.  Oh, Lyndsi, too. 

These people have helped make me who I am today, even if they've been in my life a short time.  None of them have negative energy, and none of them want to see me fall.  They're all here to pick me up when I need it, and they'll continue to be there. 

I'm unbelievably lucky, and I hope you all have people like these in your lives who lift you up, support you (whenever/however you need it), and entertain you all the time.