I'm a pretty normal girl.  I have brown hair, green eyes, freckles, insecurities, hopes, dreams, achievements.  I'm in school, I have a job, a family that cares about me, friendships that are getting stronger by the day.  I have people that don't like me and people that love me.  Like I said, I'm normal.

Except for that pain that resides in my knees.  It alternates, and it always goes back to the origin of my problems.  Usually it's in the left knee, but occasionally it's in the right.  Sometimes it's an ache, sometimes a shooting pain.  They happen when I'm stressed, they happen because I slept on it wrong or the weather changed.  It just...happens.

So, yea, I'm normal.
Except for the fact that I take a shot every month to control pain I would otherwise be in for weeks or months at a time.

I've gone through different medicines.  Steroids, Sulfur pills, anti-inflamatory meds.  Those are only a few.
Here's my thank you to Enbrel. For letting me be a normal, active girl again, who's going to a rock concert in May, an amazing beach trip to Corpus Christi in June, and who is always active, because she remembers what it was like not being able to walk.

Yea, I'm pretty normal.