Here's To...

Here's to Best Friends.
Here's to the heartache
the hurt
the joy
the tears
the break-ups
the make-ups
the fights
the laughter
the pillow fights
and dance classes.

Here's to the obnoxiousness
the 'I love you's'
the 'I'll always be there's'
the 'I'm moving-across-the-country'.
the goofiness
the support
the parties
the meaningful moments.
Here's to the shocks,
the twists
and turns,
the missing of important dates,
the being there for the meaningless ones,
the secrets,
the successes,
the failures,
the sharing of everything.

Here's to the pictures,
the memories,
the growing up
and going your own way.
Here's to the 'I always have your back.'
and 'You always have mine.'
the late-night talks,
 summer night walks,
and never taking a decent picture.

 Here's to the mistakes,
the lessons,
the lies
and the truths.
To you being you,
and me being me.
Best Friends we'll forever be.