Sibling Love

It's amazing how someone can be so close with someone else.
Specifically a brother/sister relationship.

I think the world of this kid, more than he knows. I look up to him, honestly. He's a brilliant person, and I honestly wish I was half as book smart as he is. All throughout my childhood, I was so pissed off at him. He always got straight A's and made me feel like an idiot, and then I grew up. I realized that I should be happy for him, and eventually I was.

I realized what a great brother I had, who would let me crawl in his bed and fall asleep watching TV while he was on the computer, just because I had broken up with my ex boyfriend who I thought I loved. I realized that he was amazing, that no matter what he was always going to be my brother.

Then I went off to College again, and loved it when he came to visit, as rare as it was. No one has any idea what a pedestal I put this kid onto. He can write poetry brilliantly, and I could only ever hope to write that well.

There's a scar on his head from me when we were little, but I promise you, it was all out of love.

We were so close, in my eyes. Now, though, it seems like everything is changing. There are so many things that I think of, and I call him just to tell him, but he's busy. I get that, he's in college studying his ass off...we're all the way across the country from each other.

He's the one I go to, though. The one who always puts things into perspective for me...and it's been building up for a long time coming. I miss him. A lot of things have been coming into perspective for me since I detoxed my life. Family is one of them. I miss him so much...the fighting, the talking, and just making fun of each other. I just want to talk, but he never can. Even when he says he'll call back he forgets...it's like that friend you just get so fed up with because you know it's never going to happen so why get your hopes up. It just hurts. It's like the time when I got mad at him before I left for my freshman year in school and said, "I can't wait to leave so I don't have to deal with you!"...that broke him to the core (so I've heard). I knew exactly how to get to him, so I used it. It's like he knows exactly how to get to me, and he's doing it...by ignorning me. Not fully, but just enough.

I expect he can't always be there to talk, I know...but I feel forgotten about. I miss talking to my brother, telling him the stupid random stuff.

Then he calls, being totally sweet and all Jack-like, letting me know that blood always comes first and he'll schedule me in.

Like I need to be scheduled in.
Love you, buddy.