Credit Kills.

I have no money.
Really, I don't. Now, my aunt wants to sit down and look at my finances. Not a big deal, I need to. I just added it all up. I'm $2,251.60 in debt. To whom? Who would a 22 year old girl be in debt to? Well let's see. Grandma, Kay Jewelers, Buckle (thanks, ex boyfriend, for introducing me to THAT store), and Victorias Secret. They wouldn't be that bad if it were just Grandma, Vickies Secret & Kays. Those would only total $800.00ish all together.

But Buckle?! You're killing me, smalls. Your stupid interest for a girl who had to pay some medical bills are absolutely killing me.

I hate money.
I hate credit.
IT seemed amazing when I first turned 18, but I now realize it's the devil.
The absolute devil.

I, at 22, should not be this worried about money. It should be absolutely illegal for a teenager to have more than one credit card. Granted, Teenagers (as well as people in their early 20's) should be more responsible. How is that possible in the economy the way it is, though? It's hard!

Then, I go back to how when Bill Clinton was president things were cleaned up. Then how a certain Republican screwed it all up again. How the country wasn't managed the way it should be. How now, I'm not sure if it is either, but I voted for the guy. Mise as well back him up.

My debt isn't even that bad, and it stresses me out constantly. CONSTANTLY. No one has any idea. I work my ass off just so I can pay these bills. I pay them, and then I turn around and have no money. I'm living paycheck to paycheck at 22 years old. It's not because I'm a starving artist either.
I honestly, at times, feel like the bums on the street have it better than I do here in Austin.
Really, I do.
How sad is that?
Now because I was stupid, I probably won't be able to get a loan, I'm a high credit risk. Wonderful.
Credit Kills.