Liking Me

I'm not sure that cute hispanic men need to stare me down as they walk past while giving me that...stare.
Really, I'm not.

I'm not so awesome that you have to follow me, keep asking me questions. And by the way, I definitely know what 'hot ass' is in spanish.

I also would not let my kid lay on the floor of a Home Depot...for extended periods of time.

I would, however, flirt with the dirty blond who was the first one to introduce himself.
He's cute.
I would just walk around talking to people (it is my job).
I would accept an invite from a nice employee to go tailgating on Thanksgiving DAy before a big UT football game (and I Did).
And, I would definitely go for pizza with that guy in paint who's just a doll.

I would not go on a date with you because you said I had a nice ass in spanish and some other derogatory things that you thought I couldn't understand, and then ask me out in english. I replied with a 'no, gracias...y hablo espanol tambien.' before turning and walking away.

I will drive to San Antonio to have a party with a couple of dear friends.
I will have a good time.
I will let loose.
I will make another name for myself.
I will be me without you,
even though I miss you for seconds from time to time.
I will be me.
I am me.
I'm going to like me.