Do you have the Ations?

It shouldn't matter.  Whatever he is doing shouldn't matter to me. Go take a trip with your girlfriend who's parent's are paying for everything that you can only use for a vacation.  Have at it.  That seems fishy.  Why wouldn't they give you the money for a more practical use?  You know--seeing as how you lost your job and now have no way of paying rent.  Tensions are only going to get higher from what they already are about money.

This is why you shouldn't move in with your significant other after only 3 months off-again-on-again dating.

No one is perfect, no relationship is perfect, and I know this.  Yet the sheer rediculousness of half the problems that I hear about makes me question everything.  I also admit that a bit of it is jealousy.  I also believe that half the things I hear about are promises that are never to come true.  You know, like the friend you had in high school who moves to the big city you're living in now and says, "Hey, we should get together for a drink sometime! It'd be really great to see you." and you agree, but it never happens.  Empty promises fill the world.

Also, a note to the girl: I'm his best friend.  A shitty one at times, yes, but I'm a part of his past, of course there are going to be pictures of us together on his laptop, in his room, etc. You can't get upset about that.  Once again: showing immaturity.  I become so aggravated, so insanely irritated whenever this happens.

Just when I think I've reached the peak of my irritation, and that everything is going to go downhill from here, my reality comes back to me. The random text message asking me "How do you determine what size mountain bike you need?" or the video of his dog just rolling around in a pond.

My reality.
My not-so-empty promises. 
My up-for-anything yet loves-being-a-hermit-guy.
He makes me feel skinny.  When we're just laying there and he finds my hip bone jutting out. He makes me feel sexy, when he strokes my hair away from my neck, "I like seeing the curve." before bending down and kissing all over it.  He always makes me laugh, and feel like there's someone reliable there.  Someone thinks aobut nice surprises to give me.  Even though I talk about how he irritates me, I can't help but remember how lucky I am that when we're together, he's always constantly touching me. 
That's my reality.
He has all of the 'Ations'.  His own habitation, transportation,occupation and education.  He has them all.

My reality doesn't have empty promises, they're all attainable. 
That's what I have to remember.