Lazy Days*

It's days like these that are my absolute favorite. Overcast, muggy, rain threatening to fall at any second, lazy days. The kind of days where you just want to sit on your couch and watch netflix all day long, with re-heated Chinese food and either your closest girlfriend or your boy.

Don't get me wrong, blue skies and sunshine are part of the reason I moved to Austin, but I think it's because there's always blue skies and sunshine that I appreciate these days more.

I'd give anything to be on the couch with Erynn right now, being lazy and watching B-rated movies. An amazing second would be with him, laying on the bed with his arm around me, watching movies we've seen a 100 times before. That would also include pretending to be Emril and Paula Dean, cooking anything and everything, while making fun of my 'Canadian Accent'.

For the record: Michiganians do not have an accent, the midwest is said to have the most accurate dialect in the United States, and not only that, Canadians have an accent, thank you very much.

This day deserves part of it to be dedicated to writing. I haven't actually written anything worthwhile in a long time, and I'm dying to get my hands on my laptop today. My Venti Iced Marble Mocha Macchiato in hand, and ideas in the other, I'd be unstoppable.

Alas, I am at work until 6. Trying to get 24 leads before 6 PM tomorrow night. Talk about discouraging. Instead of being lazy, I have to put myself out there. Talking non-stop, no comfortable silences, and, probably, during my lunch, I'll be talking about 'business' instead of relaxing while eating my Healthy Choice Steamer and my orange. Which reminds me, I didn't bring a drink.

All-the-while, it's still a good day. A good soundtrack is playing, good people are here, and even though it's a dreary lazy day, I still feel like I'm walking on sunshine.