New Years Resolution

I've never liked New Years Resolutions. Year after year, people make them, and year after year another one is broken, and people laugh at their goals.

I feel like I've already reached my New Years Resolution. I did that three months ago tomorrow. I've moved out of my comfort zone and into real life. I still can't believe I'm here. Everytime I pass the city I get chills. Really, I do. This incredibly lucky feeling overcomes me, and I'm just so relieved. I may not be doing much, but at least I'm not doing it in Swartz Creek. It takes a very strong willed and determined person to move away from everything they've ever known and do something completely different. I always talked about it, dreamed about it, and finally realized I had it in me.

In one day, I'll be in a land of (hopefully) snow and comfort, where 18* is the high and 12*is the low. Ahh, welcome home. The land of comfort, Koney Dogs, and close friends. The place where it's great to visit and grow up, but never to live again. It's the place with a real wood-burning fireplace, iced over creeks and rivers, snow grazing the top of Sparty's head, and crazy bad roads.
Like I said,
it's home.

I've never been more excited to go and visit :)

So, here's my new years resolution. To be happy--wherever I am-- and to kick ass at whatever I do.
Shouldn't be too hard when I'm already succeeding, huh?