What a Weird day

Please tell me there is a full moon tonight, because today has been the oddest day, and I need an explination for it. Another co-worker today told me that he liked my swagger. I quote "You're always immaculately groomed, your attitude is amazing. You carry yourself well. I like your swagger, kid."

Talk about an ego boost to start the day. Didn't last long, though.  Soon shit started to hit the fan. Enter: The Pizza Incident.
Jealousy is a funny thing, and I'm not sure that's what Loretta (yea...that sounds like a good name for her) has, but a handful of people think so. Someone first suggested that to me after what happened today. I asked the Aussie about it, and he shot back with, "Well, you do seem to get quite a lot of male attention."
....Excuse me?  I do? How come I wasn't aware of this? Male attention? I don't even know what that is. 

I wasn't pretty up north. Maybe it was just because I didn't have self confidence, or I cared, and now I do have self confidenceand I don't care. It's hard to say. This is a whole new concept to me, and I'm surprised by it.  Then it goes back to Homeboy, and how he makes me feel like I am all of those things.  I'm very confident in myself and my abilities.  Speaking of abilities, now let's fast forward.

Back at work, the district Sales mangers came in.  I talked to them for a bit, not even trying to give them my A game, but apparently I did.  They were very impressed that someone so young could be so professional, and I feel like I charmed the pants off of them.  Well, how could I not? Anyone with my father would know it just comes naturally, just like typing over 200 wpm (that's words per minute, fools!).  Crazy day, I tell you. 

Not to mention after coming back from lunch, the Task force was outside of work by the fence, doing a raid.  Joey and I were sitting in her car, and not once did we notice what was happening outside until it was over and they were all standing there escorting people into vans.
...really? How do you miss policeman all dressed up piling out of three unmarked Creeper vans?  Apparently when you're Joey and I, it's easy.  Especially when you're caught up in thinking you're going to be fired from a part time job that you desparately need.

I'm telling you guys--weird day. Very, very weird day.