The dreaded

Valentines Day.  It's tomorrow. The dreaded holiday that is all flowers and candy and lovey-mother effing-dovey. 

I am on the brink of despising it.  

It's not because I've always been single on V-day, or because they've all been horrible.  Quite the contrary.  I had a boyfriend for two Valentines day's, and they were so sweet and nice. All the rest, I've broken up with the poor guy before the day devoted to red and pink even came around. I just feel that there shouldn't be one day devoted to being sweet.  Flowers for no reason are way better than flowers on Valentines Day.  Then it seems like they're mandated.

Give me the martyrdome.  That's what I want.  Give me the history behind the day.  I'm more interested in history that stands the test of time than flowers that're only garunteed for five days. Granted...every girl loves flowers... but give me the poem the Duke of Chaucer wrote.  Give me history, or give me death.
Yea--I went there.

I understand that St. Valentine signed it 'you're Valentine' and I understand that he helped lovers get married under cover.  I get that, but let's remember the secrecy, yea?  Not mass produced cards candy and colorful flowers.  Remember elopements, persecution and death.
How's that for a twist on your favorite day, America?!

This year I have a Valentine.  Which is weird.  It's not just let's watch a movie & go out to a nice dinner because we're in high school.
No--instead, he said it's up to me.  Whatever I want to do for Valentines Day is up to me.  No more being indecisive, 'Put your foot down and tell me what you want to do.'
Something fun. No fancy dinner.
I want to watch the sun set in Lake Michigan.
I want to go to the batting cages.
or a shooting range.
I'm that kind of girl.
Give me a helmet and a hunk of explosive metal, give me a rock to climb.
Not a candle lit dinner.
I think St. Valentine would greatly approve of that.