Halloween <3

Halloween. The best holiday, in my opinion. My favorite holiday. The one day where I can dress up, be whatever I want to be (ended up picking an old dance costume...I'm one of Tink's fairy friends), and pretend I'm not who I am.

Not that who I am is bad, but it's fun not being me every once in a while. It's fun not having RA, it's fun not worrying about whether today will be the day my leg will swell up once again. It's fun not being the Senior in college with a.) medical debts b.) credit card debt and c.) not enough hours at work.

All my worries go away for one day. Candy, adult beverages, and costumes. With my boy at my side nothing can go wrong. He starts work tomorrow, and tomorrow is when I put in my one 9 hour day a week.

I went to the doctor's yesterday. She spent all of five minutes with me while telling me I could be a poster child for Enbrel. I should be on a commercial making a ton of money!

I wish.

But, I'm all right, my knee is all right, and tonight is going to rock.
Bring on the fun :-D