I'd be lying..

If I said I didn't care. I do care.
I care that you don't call me back.
I care that you don't answer my texts.
I care that you just send my calls to voicemails.
I care.
I care that we were closer when I was 2,000 miles away.
I care that you have seemingly traded me in for people who you never once clicked with.
I care that you still have my jeans AND my t-shirt.
those were fucking expensive.
I care that you basically just dismissed me.
You don't dismiss people.
I dismiss people.
I care that I didn't have the say in when the relationship was over.
You basically just dumped me on prom night in the rain standing by the curb.
Thanks for being a shitty friend
thanks for being a shitty sister.
Thanks for only talking about stupid fucking home depot drama that I didn't care about.
Grow up.
Realize life isn't just about using guys and being a slut.
Those situations you got yourself into? Yea. that's what you were. A slut with a capital S.
Way to go. I'm sure your mother and sister would be SO proud.
I hate the way you just dismiss me.
I'm honestly starting to hate you.