Four minutes into writing my paper that's due at 3:00 PM today about Fight Club (you'd think it'd be easy and fun to analyze Fight Club, and if I actually put effort into it I'm sure it would be)and I've already taken a study break. Yes, I am that lame. Truth is, I don't really care how to fits into the 'New Historicism' analysis. I know it's a good book, and could psycologically analyze it all day long. However, I just can't bring myself to analyze something that I don't really care about.

I know, as well, that it doesn't matter that I don't care about it. This was the assignment and this is what I have to write about. Whatever. If someone can explain what New Historicism is, and the key parts that go into it, and how the novel fits it just basically, I can bullshit the rest of the story.

But, this is also me.
and I work well under pressure.
That is,
until my procrastinating is done.