I'm trying to love my body.  Scratch that, I'm trying to like my body. I'm not ashamed to let the world know how much I weigh.  I don't think it's acceptable, even though I've been told by numerous people that I 'carry it well'. I know some people are going to laugh at this number, but for my 5'4" frame, it's not acceptable.  Especially when I'm only 23 and have to run the Warrior Dash in less than a month.  The number? It's 158.5 pounds.
 The boyfriend and I recently got gym memberships, and by recently, I mean three days ago.  I've taken a huge interest into what is going into my body.  Instead of playing the Monopoly game at McDonalds (which I got addicted to...all I ended up with was enough Coke points to 'buy' a years' worth subscription to Cosmo and 40 free Snapfish Photos) every day, I'm now kind of on the Special K Challenge and work my buns out.  Today was an 'off' day, because I'm sore.  Tomorrow will be another 'on' day, after work.  Which is at 8 am tomorrow morning, and I've been closing all week so that will have a nice jet-lag effect.  Anywho.  I eat a bowl of Special K in the morning, Snack (usually the crisps) and then a protein shake, then another snack (the healthy bars) then a regular healthy dinner.  Tonight was baked chicken in cream of mushroom soup with green beans and only one semi-healthy roll.  I got to 1150 calories (I'm trying to stick to a 1200 calorie diet).  Not bad, I say.

The only problem with this Special K dealio is that it's just so darn expensive!  I know there are other alternatives, but geez louise they're yummy!  I also know that I need to just eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full then work out like normal.  I'm hoping that in five weeks I will have dropped ten pounds if I keep on the way I'm going.  That's about fifteen dollars a week, though.  Yikesabee.  Why is being healthy so expensive?  Granted, I could switch over to Apples and Oranges, Bananas, etc. ....but what fun would that be? I mean, isn't that the 'old fashioned' way of losing weight?? Who does that anymore?! Me.
That's right,
After I run out of this special K stuff, though.  It's so darn yummy right now!!