I've always believed in the phrase Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend. My diamond, however, isn't your typical shiny thing. Mine is covered in dirt, has nine players on it, a roaring crowd around it and smells like hot dogs, peanuts and cracker jacks. My diamond is a baseball diamond. The AL Division Championships happened last night. This is the first season in a while that the Detroit Tigers have made it to the postseason. Yes, there is only One October...and we made it this year! Watching Valverde (Papa Grande) strike out Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) leading the Tigers to Victory (3-2) against the Yankees AT Yankee Stadium was one of the best sights ever. Now the Tigers go on to play for the AL Championship against the Rangers. I like the Rangers, but they have nothing on my D-town Tigers. Detroit needs a miracle, big time. The Lions are helping in this miracle, going on a 4-0 winning streak. The likes of which Detroit hasn't seen since...oh I don't even know when. Not in my lifetime (that I can remember).
Baseball. America's past time. My favorite Diamond. That's love.
Don't get me wrong, my birthday is in April, and April's birthstone is the diamond. My birthstone is THE Stone. I don't want a diamond until I get THE ring. Until then, I'll take my peanut smelling, dirty, messy diamond.