One Year

I've been here in Austin for a year now.  One whole year. A lot can change in a year, and when you look back and realize where you were, how you got here, and how far you've come (let alone OVERcome), you finally actually realize and put into perspective that stupid saying.  One year ago I was scared, nervous, excited, anxious, and just so jaded.  Now I'm confident, still excited, happy, and I feel like I'm achieving something. 

Let's see.  Here's my year in a nutshell.
Move to Austin
Start work
go out with Aunt Nette (every chance I got)
social butterfly much? Hello.
Halloween, so close to going downtown.
Amanda came down for Thanksgiving
(by the way, I'm making friends, too...)
Met Steve
THANKSGIVING! Amanda and I had a blast
(she made out with an Australian).
My confidence came back somewhere in between meeting Steve and Thanksgiving.
Christmas Parties :)
Started Texting Steve (like...everyday)
Christmas Eve--best one I ever had (hello to a whole pan of Rice Crispy Treats and It's a Wonderful Life on the couch with Aunt Nette)
Christmas Day
Texting Steve (like I said, every day).
Lunch with Steve
New Years Eve (I made him come over around 10 when I found out he was spending it alone)
First Kiss :)
Snow in Texas!!
Exclusive with that boy!
Official with that boy!
Valentines Day
Somehow my confidence came back tenfold
Now it's March?
Huge fight with Aunt Nette
Back in School
getting sick of my job...
Baseball season!
Best Birthday Ever :)
Move in with Steve.
Getting fat and happy.
Get an Internship with Bobby Bones Show
Football season!
Quit internship (credits wouldn't line up)
Back in School!
And here we are :)

*whew* I'm freaking exhausted.  Like I said, a lot can happen in a year.  I'm as fat and happy as ever (yea...trying to get rid of the 'fat' part).  I'm ready for the next year :) Bring it on!