I love you...

This is exactly how I feel about him. It's not changing, it's not going away, and this is how I know I'm 100% head over heels madly in love.  Even though I'm frustrated with him, I wouldn't change anything.  I wouldn't change our rental that needs major improvements that I want to buy, I wouldn't change working on my car with him at 11:00 at night, I wouldn't change waking up at 6:30 to his alarm every morning (yes, even weekends).  I wouldn't change the dirty kitchen or his moods.  I wouldn't change him.  I won't change him.
I just have to be aware, be concious, of how I affect him.  I have to realize he's trying to protect me, and I have to appreciate, respect, and be thankful for that.  With realizing that, he needs to realize that I'm trying to make him comfortable and realize that I'm doing all I can. 
We just both need to realize.