Great Night, Rough Morning

Hung over at work...again. How many of my posts start out like this? Too many to count?

I was texting the Aussie as I pulled into the parking lot. I had woken up early, planning on going to get some sustenance before starting what was sure to be a long, drawn out, very annoying day at the Depot, but I was so exhausted from the night before that I barely made it to work, let alone nourish myself.

Homeboy be trippin'.

As the day progressed, the hair came down from my 'hangover ponytail', makeup was put on, and I look semi-presentable now. However, the whole helping customers thing? So not happening. I spent the first half of my morning sucking down coffee (Yes, I left work to go get some), talking to my Aussie, telling Mexicans I don't speak Spanish, and hiding.

The exhaustion wore off, The Aussie went home for the day, and the headache set in. So here I sit, tylonal in my system, waiting for lunch, ready to die. I'm still avoiding the Mexicans, and my managers.
Oh, life is going to be amazing today.