For years I have been wondering how I will measure up as the next generation in my family. How will I ever be as courageous, strong, independent, and amazing as the three women in my who have come before me? The three women who have influenced me the most, my Grandmother, Aunt, and Mother, are three of the most gutsy, intelligent and admirable women I know.

How was I ever going to compare? I never thought I would, let alone could.

Is it a bit ironic that as I was thinking about the situation I was in last night, I realized that I don't need to try to be like any of them? That the gene is already in me? I'm already exuberating the characteristics that all three have?

I proved to myself that I was strong, I was courageous, that I wasn't backing down from a icy-blue-eyed bitch and I was standing my ground?

For years I have been wondering if I was to be the one where the gene would fall short, wondering if I was where something wouldn't add up.

As it turns out, I needn't worry. Not one little bit. Everything falls into stride at some point or another, and I just have to let everything take it's course.