Team-Building Exercise

This is my carpenter boyfriend. Who doesn't let me paint, hang pictures, or do anything, because I will do it to just a centimeter off.  Which is great, except it took us four days to hang the new mirrors in our room.  Even when he had time this morning to do them, I had to hound him to do it. Finally later today, we did it 'together'.  Which means I stood there and supervised, even when he was the one who suggested we do it together anyway, because it would be a good 'team building' exercise. 

How about this?
 No, something is off.
What do you mean something is off? What is off?
I don't know, Steve, the spacing, or something...it looks too seventies.
Looks too seventies?  How?
I don't know, it just does. Try doing it the other way.
....What other way?
Put them together.  Like, Horizontal.  Here, no, like this.  Go look.
Had I known you wanted them like that, I would have just kept them all on one piece of backing instead of cutting it.
I don't know how I want it, babe.  How does it look?
Okay, I guess.
Just okay?! I don't want it to look just okay, I want it to look spectacular.  What do you think?
What if we did it like this?
Put a bit more space in there....yea, there! Stop!
Like this?
Yea, let me hold it and you look at it.
It's hard to imagine what it'll look like when you hold them all crooked and lopsided.
Those mean the same thing, babe.
*big sigh* Kristen Renae.  Do you like it like this?
Yes, hold on, let me look again...Yes, I do.
Are you sure?
Is my baby happy with it like this?
Okay.  If you're happy I'm happy.
I'm happy. *pause* Yes, I'm happy.

That's how that project went this morning.  You know what? I'm totally okay with that.

One month and 1/2 months in, and we're making the bedroom, 'our' bedroom. Translation? I've made it girly. We now have this bedspread, pictures, a bedskirt (which he can't even begin to understand the necessity of it), and these mirrors (they come in a pack of 4 for $5.00 at Home Depot, we bought two). Plus the candle holder with the decorative beads. Here's what I'm talking about:

Those are Sand Dollars in the bottom of the vase, what we decided to do was collect them from the Texas Coast and use those instead of the decorative beads, so we have memories of our trip!

Painting is next.  The room will not be complete without painting it.  I've already told him that he can have the rest of the house (in this house), I just want the bedroom.  Since we don't have a proper living room, this is where I spend most of my time, and I wanted it to look nice. 
We also need a new bed.  My back is hurting more and more from sleeping on that monstronsity he's had forever.  Our next project: our DIY headboard.  You can check out my dreamroom here, and join pintrest if you have an interest, because it's an amazingly addicitng site where I get a lot of my ideas from.  Check it out :)
Our next project? Building a headboard.
Oh boy.